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Hi there! Welcome to Ramen & Miniskirts, a tribute dedicated to Yoshida Chizuru, aka 'Chizu', from the adorable shoujo manga Kimi ni Todoke. In a cast full of likable and unique characters, Chizu is pretty much tops on my list. So I found myself one day thinking, 'Why not make a little something for her?' She really is so cute and funny, and you have to love that ramen obsession of hers! Since I don't easily like female characters in the anime/manga world, even thinking about making a tribute to Chizu meant something big for me. So here we are!

A couple notes: This tribute focuses on the manga only, and it will have SPOILERS up to chapter 69. Please tread carefully, for they will not be marked. Lastly, this site is best viewed in FireFox but should look okay and function properly in IE and Chrome. Have fun and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. :) Thanks for stopping!

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Last updated December 04, 2015

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