While some people find blood type, birthday and name analyses to be 'boring' aspects of tributes these days, I still find them to be entertaining and with the possibility of real insight into the character. So here we are!

Blood Type: A

According to Japan Visitor, people with Type A blood are said to be
calm, sensitive, patient, responsible, overcautious, stubborn, and unable to relax
Of all of those characteristics, the only ones that I think really apply to Chizu are sensitive and stubborn. I think sensitive applies not so much to her own feelings and being easily offended, but rather, she is sensitive to others and cries easily when she feels moved. She was a bit stubborn with Ryuu during the birthday present incident, not explaining why and simply pushing him out of her room so he wouldn't see his gift. CH.22 She also often insists on going to get ramen and suggesting what type others should order. She can be calm at times, but she is more likely to spazz out, making those trademark shocked/surprised faces, or laughing in a silly manner. She might be a little impatient, and again I will cite the time around Ryuu's birthday, because Chizu really wanted to give him his present and had a hard time actually waiting until his birthday to give it to him. Chizu *can* be considered responsible, but it doesn't strike me as an overwhelming quality. However, though she may not do well at school, she has proven that she will at least try to do well. As for overcautious, that doesn't describe her at all, yet I wouldn't say she is the opposite, reckless. In that area, she's likely in-between. And I'm pretty sure she is perfectly capable of relaxing, too, so 'unable to relax' doesn't fit her much.

All these discrepancies lead me to conclude that Chizu is better suited to another blood type (B or O, in my opinion), or she's just an exception to the norm.

Star Sign: Gemini

Astrology Online identifies the positive traits for Gemini as:
Adaptable and versatile; Communicative and witty; Intellectual and eloquent; Youthful and lively
To me, the traits that most apply to Chizu are youthful and lively. Naturally she is youthful, because she is only a teenager. But that is just the literal sense. I think Chizu is youthful in spirit because she enjoys a lot of things in life and is a generally cheerful and easy-going person. And Chizu is of course very lively. She may in fact be the most lively of the main cast, what with her athleticism and her tendency to be so emotional and expressive.

The same site provides the 'dark' qualities associated with the Gemini star sign:
Nervous and tense; Superficial and inconsistent; Cunning and inquisitive
None of those stand out to me as qualities which Chizu strongly displays. "Nervous and tense" would be more applicable to Sawako, I would think. And though I love Ayane I can't help but associate "superficial" with her (not necessarily meaning she herself is superficial, but because her looks tend to be touched upon more than others'), as well as cunning when it means "cute". It might just mean that Chizu is an exception to the rule, or the fact that zodiac traits just aren't always right. Who knows!


Surname: Yoshida: The name 'Yoshida' can have two meanings. One is 'lucky ricefield' and the other is 'fragrant ricefield'. I'm not 100% certain, however, I'm pretty sure that Chizu's surname is the one meaning lucky ricefield. I think this is rather fitting, as 'lucky' is more applicable to Chizu than 'fragrant' is. You see, Chizu is a very happy-go-lucky type of person, and it's really one of her defining qualities. Whereas being fragrant, well, not so much. Not that she smells bad or anything (I wouldn't think so?), it just feels like 'lucky' is much more fitting for her.
Given Name: Chizuru: The name 'Chizuru' means 'a thousand cranes'. This is in reference to a Japanese legend, where a person who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish by an actual crane. The crane in Japanese mythology is associated with longevity and good fortune, so it is clearly a positive animal symbol. Cranes are also associated with the Japanese New Year and wedding ceremonies - both of which have some significance to Chizu. The New Year's shrine visit is important to her, and she goes every year with Ryuu. Also, she attended the wedding of Tooru and Haruka, and while it was not a major part of the storyline (in fact, there was only a little flashback scene) it was still an important event to Chizu.

I must also point out Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (by Eleanor Coerr). This is a book about a real girl named Sadako Sasaki who died from leukemia, which was a result of radiation from the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, where she lived. Sadako? I can't help but wonder if this is coincidence or if it was thoughtfully planned by Shiina.

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