Chizu is a pretty girl equipped with an utterly delightful smile that most of KimiTodo cast seem to be blessed with. Her hair falls past her shoulders and for the most part, she just wears it down. It is an orange-reddish color, and that combined with her brown eyes give her a very earth-tone aura. As someone who comes across as being just natural, these colors suit Chizu very well. I am also reminded of the Sports Festival, when Chizu wanted to wear a red (another earth tone) shirt. Compare her to Ayane, who likes to wear a lot of makeup (I love how her lips are always so pronounced, hehe). This 'naturalness' is likely typical of tomboys. All in all, though, Chizu is attractive and can look extra feminine when she wants to.

At 167 cm, Chizu is taller than Ayane (161 cm) and Sawako (158 cm). In an extra at the end of chapter 02, Shiina herself describes Chizu as being "muscular". She has long legs, of which she appears to be quite proud and tends to show off. Not only do they look good, but they also come in handy for her as someone who is athletic. Having long and strong legs is very important in sports, so Chizu is good at whatever she plays (even though the volleyball team sadly lost at the Sports Festival). So this is one case where you could say that a person's looks do hold some relevance to their character. And even though Chizu likes to eat quite a bit, she manages to stay slender, but this likely ties in with her being so active.

While Chizu may not be as focused on her appearance as say, Ayane, she still shows some pride in her looks. As mentioned earlier, she likes her legs and enjoys displaying them via miniskirt. Also, during the rumors incident, part of the rumors that were spreading about Chizu mentioned her "thin eyes". Chizu did not like hearing that.
Chizu: "And on top of all that, my eyes are not as thin as everyone is saying."
Ayane: "Well, they're thinner than whatever you may be thinking."
- chapter 04


Since she is a high school student and the school is a major setting for the series, we see Chizu in uniform quite a bit. Chizu's uniform is worn as a caramel-colored vest over a white blouse, with a skirt. Unlike most of the other female students, Chizu never wears the bow that accompanies the uniform. Outside of school she wears casual outfits usually consisting of pants and a variety of tops, from sweaters to tanktops. Her usual attire may not be very glamorous or glitzy, but she never looks tacky or sloppy.

Now enough talking, let's look at some of Chizu's outfits!

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