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So, what are the things that make Chizu happy? What does she get excited about and enjoy doing? Personally I love to see what what interests a person has, so I thought it would be fun to look at all of the activities that Chizu partakes in and the stuff she enjoys.


Ramen: This is a no-brainer! Chizu absolutely loves ramen and even frets if she goes a week without it. Others - aka Ayane - are well aware of her obsession.
Chizu: "Did you know? Friends are supposed to eat ramen together!"
Ayane: "Chizu was probably ramen in a past life!"
- chapter 06
Chizu loves going out for ramen and is often asking Ayane and Sawako to go with her and get some. Exactly why she loves ramen so much isn't clear, but I think that this particular food holds some sort of sentimental value for her, since the Sanadas own the ramen shop which Chizu so frequently visits.
Food: Aside from ramen, of course, Chizu loves food in general. It's not really a big running gag in the series, but the subject of her eating habits is touched upon several times. Chizu's big appetite appears to have been the case since her childhood (if you recall the flashback scene with Tooru where a young Chizu wanted to buy two types of steamed buns). There is also the time she orders nine breads, although she doesn't eat them but rather lets Ryuu have them. And let's not forget the adorable scene where she takes a bite out of Sawako's lunch and Ayane comments on how Sawako better be careful or Chizu may eat all of her food.
TV Shows: (not TV shows in general, but rather what types of TV shows) On the characters' profiles, each one is asked which type of show they like to watch/watch a lot. Chizu's reply is:
"Ramen specials and comedy shows! Shows that make you cry are good, too."
The ramen specials are an obvious choice. ;) As for the comedy shows and shows that make you cry, I think that makes a lot of sense because of how emotional a person Chizu is. She always seems to be laughing or crying over something, so it makes sense that she would enjoy television shows that evoke such reactions from the viewer.


I guess this could also be labeled as 'activities', but hobbies seems a bit more encompassing to me.
Sports: Chizu is quite athletic. She enjoys playing sports and happens to be naturally good at them (she's in good shape for playing them). For the Sports Festival, she participated in not one, but two sports - volleyball and soccer.
Video Games: Chizu really knows where the fun is at, doesn't she? She loves to play video games, and it seems she enjoys competitive ones (those that you play with another person) the most. She especially enjoys playing them with Ryuu.

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