At first glance, Chizu comes off as a very cheerful and spirited girl. She is the type of person who really cares about the ones close to her and is capable of maintaining good, long-lasting friendships. She seems to be smiling more often than not, although this doesn't mean she is a robot who only displays one type of emotion all the time. She has been seen expressing sadness, frustration, and anger, as well. Generally, though, Chizu is silly and carefree. Even though she has her own little group of friends - Ayane, Sawako, Ryuu, and Kazehaya - she doesn't show coldness or irritation toward anyone else (unless it's an annoying person such as Pin or Jo, who others also consider a nuisance). When Chizu is enthusiastic about something, she is really enthusiastic. Whether it's going to get some ramen or being able to see the person she loves, she gets excited about it with all her heart.

Chizu is a tomboy, and as such she can be rough and scary when the time calls for it. Usually when she does get physical, it's toward Ryuu, but even then it is nothing too serious, just a shoulder bump or a punch. She also displayed an intimidating aura when confronting the girls who were spreading rumors and harrassing Sawako in the bathroom. Additionally, during this incident, Chizu showed just how little she actually cared about the rumors. Naturally they did bother her, but she was more upset by the way the rumors were affecting her (and Ayane's) relationship with Sawako. The gossip could depict her in any negative way it wanted, but at the end of the day, her friendship with Sawako was all that mattered to Chizu. I think that right there speaks a lot for her character.

For all her toughness, though, Chizu is no stranger to tears. She gets emotional quite easily, and similarly to Sawako, she can be seen crying (usually depicted humourously/in a silly way) when she is touched by something that someone has said or done. Also, Chizu is really terrified of ghost stories. She tends to repeat 'Lalala' and cover her ears until the story is over. That, or simply demand that the ghost story not be told at all. So even though she's a tomboy, she has her soft side as well.

I would never call Chizu arrogant, because that word has such a negative connotation to it and it may suggest superiority. Chizu is nothing like that. She does, however, have a bit of pride. When the rumors were circulating about how she won in 99 fights against the guys in her class, even though that wasn't true to begin with, she was annoyed at the fact that it was 99 instead of 100. And during the Sports Festival, she wanted to wear a red shirt so all eyes would be on her. As has been mentioned in other sections of the site, Chizu is also proud of her legs. And perhaps she's proud of more than that, getting mad at Ryuu for entering her room before she gives the okay.
Chizu [to Ryuu]: "What if I'm changing? You'll faint from the nosebleed."
- chapter 20
A little pride isn't that terrible, is it? Besides, at her very core, Chizu is a kind and caring person with a heart of gold and a deep compassion for her friends.

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