• Name: Yoshida Chizuru ()
• Nicknames: Chizu, Chi
• Height: 167 cm
• Weight: 53 kg
• Birthday: June 01
• Sign: Gemini
• Bloodtype: A

in a nutshell

Meet Yoshida Chizuru,or 'Chizu', as she is called by many. While she may not be the main female character in KnT, she still plays an important role in helping said main female come out of her shell and reach her goals. This is basically a reflection of who Chizu is - a girl who cares deeply for her friends. Chizu is cheerful and spirited, and while not the smartest in her class, she can recognize her own mistakes and own up to them as well. She is a true tomboy yet is not too proud to cry, and she WILL wear a miniskirt when she feels the occasion is right. ;) What she lacks in total awareness she makes up for in being a good source of comic relief, a talented athlete, and most of all, a cherished friend.

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