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One of my favorite sections of a tribute is the 'why' or 'reason' page, finding out why the owner loves the character so much that they had to make a tribute for them. I think I actually covered a lot of why I like Chizu on the site's main page, because I am so horrible at writing introductions I tend to ramble. xD;; But I'll just repeat myself and add a bit more, too, because it can be expanded upon. :)

I started the series expecting to like Kazehaya the best, since he appears to be Mr. Popularity both within the world of the manga and in real life, or 'fandom', if you will. However, though I do like him very much, it turned out differently from that. I found myself laughing at Chizu quite a bit, but not in a mean way. I just always see her silly faces and little laughs of victory as very amusing and cute. And that's really what Chizu is - amusing and cute! But she is deeper than that, too. She has real emotions and feelings. In the chapters dealing with Tooru, that is when I really began to feel for and like Chizu. I like that she didn't really show any jealousy toward Haruka, even though losing Tooru like that was so hard for her. That also brings me to Chizu's relationship with Ryuu, which I absolutely adore and fully support. ♥ All in all, I am simply drawn to Chizu. She's impossible to dislike and easy to love.

It's one thing for me to like a shoujo series, and another for me to like a female character from the world of manga. So having such a soft spot for Chizu made me realize just how special she is (at least to me). Even though she is not the main female character, she is still an important one who is full of personality, and with a story of her own. So, yeah. I want to spread the love for her, and I hope Ramen & Miniskirts helped if even just a little. :)

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