rel: kuronuma sawako

The relationship Chizu shares with the series' main character, Kuronuma Sawako, is one I find to be of mutual caring and friendship. Both are girls who value their friends dearly, and show concern when others are hurting or otherwise down. They are also both very emotional people who can often times be seen getting teary-eyed or overwhelmed by acts of kindness. However, Chizu is also different from Sawako, with her tough and outgoing personality. Still, they have a closeness that is different than the one between Chizu and Ayane, but nonetheless very precious.

Chizu was one of the first people to befriend Sawako. Though she, like others, was initially scared of Sawako's resemblance to Sadako, of The Ring, she got over it pretty quickly. She and Ayane even thought Sawako's appearance could be put to use to scare people for the ghost walk. Sawako agrees to this, and when she does a good job, Chizu and Ayane reward her with a drink. Chizu further solidifies the friendship by lending her sweats to Sawako, when she gets soaked in the rain in chapter 3. She also chooses to sit near Sawako when the class seating arrangements are being rotated, rather than have her seat assigned to her. It's clear from all this that Chizu likes Sawako, and Sawako, who places such a high value on friendship, reciprocates with admiration and appreciation.

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