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Ramen & Miniskirts was opened on June 01, 2010. June 1st happens to be Chizu's birthday, so I was aiming for that day to open it. And I did! Even with a few sections incomplete or offline, I still went through with it because, like a dork, I really wanted the tribute to go online for Chizu's birthday. :X

the layout

This is the second version of Ramen & Miniskirts. It was originally meant to be put up on June 01, 2012, which was the site's second birthday. But I had some setbacks, mainly wanting to get more information done first, so the new look wasn't put online till August 13, 2012. Better late than never, though, right? I'm quite fond of the fresh look; I think the sunny, bright colors fit Chizu's personality perfectly. I also used some squiggly brushes to try and represent ramen noodles. XD And I like the title typography quite a bit. Most importantly, however, I hope *you* enjoy our second version!

Credits for textures and images used in the layout and throughout the site can be found here. To see the previous version, click here.

the title

If you're thinking the title is odd, well, I won't blame you for that. Ramen and miniskirts are a rather strange combination. I'm not someone who is really clever or good at naming their websites, so I struggled for a bit when I was deciding. At one point I thought of 1000 Cranes, because that is what the name "Chizuru" means. But I didn't think it was original, so I stuck with the first name I had come up with - Ramen & Miniskirts. They are two things that can definitely be related to Chizu and are both reflections of who she is. The "ramen" sounds silly and kind of happy, like Chizu usually is, and the "miniskirt" represents the deeper part of her, the part that wants to be feminine and grown-up.

In the end, I hope it's fitting for her and not too outlandish. :)

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